Faith Promise Mission Giving

What Is It Exactly?

The Faith Promise Plan is a voluntary plan of giving. The Faith Promise Plan is a means whereby Christians are enabled to obey the command of Jesus to carry the Gospel into all of the world through their local church. The Faith Promise Plan challenges people to give systematically and purposefully to home and foreign missions for a program of world missions through the channels of the local church. The Faith Promise Plan helps enable the church to plan a definite missionary budget, so that regular commitments can be met and special projects can be undertaken. The Faith Promise Plan invites every member, both young and old, to participate in a systematic plan of giving from childhood and throughout their entire Christian life. The Faith Promise Plan is best set into action through the use of an annual Missionary Conference when church members make their individual Faith Promises.

Seven Principles of Faith Promise Giving

  • It is Scriptural. 2 Cor. 9:7
  • It is a source of God’s provision and blessings.
  • It is not a pledge.
  • It is trusting God for what I do not now have.
  • It is a confidential commitment between you and God only.
  • It is a faith commitment.
  • It should be entered into prayerfully.

Reasons For Having A Mission Conference

To give people an opportunity to personally become acquainted with various missionaries, their testimonies, and their fields. To enable people to focus on the great needs of others. When we turn our eyes from off ourselves, God can then truly bless our lives. To revive people to the Great Commission to evangelize the world and to encourage them to dedicate their lives and possessions to the worldwide propagation of the Gospel.

Find A Mission To Support

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